Buyers guide

Buyer’s Guide to Reusable Bags

Reusable bags are a major purchase for most organizations. Our Buyer’s Guide to Reusable bags will help you get the most out of your investment.


Whether you’re researching your first order of reusable bags, complying with a bag ban, or looking to become a smarter reusable bag buyer, this Buyer’s Guide to Reusable Bags is for you. In this guide you will learn how to build a better bag, what your customers expect in a bag. Knowing what your customers want will help you how to avoid bags that will disappoint you and your customers.

Reusable bags from different companies differ in important ways. You can find out here what makes a good bag good, and what We let you in on the technicalities of what makes a good bag good. You can find out what fabric to use if you want the most popular bag, or the strongest bag. And we give you the low down on that piece of plastic at the bottom of the bag–what it’s for and how to know if it is up to your standards.

Pretty soon you’ll know how to get the best bag you can buy and create a better bag program.

What’s Inside

Breaking it Down: A Guide to Bag Bans

What is a mil? How do you define usage? Bag bans can be confusing.
If you are facing a bag ban, check back here soon for “Breaking it Down: A Guide to Bag Bans.”
It’s our companion guide to make reusable bag compliance easy. With a few clicks, you’ll know how to build a great bag program that is legal and successful. Let’s get started!