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Anatomy of a Reusable Bag

When you know the anatomy of a reusable bag, you’ll be able to discuss and measure gussets, trim, and other reusable bag parts like a pro.

Anatomy of a Reusable Bag

Front & Back Panels: The large fabric panels where customized logos and graphics are placed. Print space is usually the space between the handles. Handles can be sewn to the top for wider graphics.

Handles: Handles are measured in net length from the top of the bag on one side to the top of the bag on the other. Handles with 50 cm net length fit over the shoulders of most men and women.

Trim: A finished ribbon called trim used to attach front panels to the gusset. The trim piece gives the bag crisp corners and reinforces strength. Usually trim matches the bag color and material, but it can contrast for artistic effect.

Gusset: A separate piece of fabric between the front and back panels to allow the bag to extend and fold. Not all bags have a gusset. Some bags, like cotton bags, use seams on the bottom to allow the bag to open.

Top Hem: The stitching for the fold at the top of the panel. For most reusable bags, the top hem is about one inch below the top of the bag.

Bottom Insert or Stiffener: A piece of plastic placed inside the bag for added stability and durability.