What Consumers Want in a Bag

A good reusable bag program starts with understanding what consumers want in a bag. See our four tips for a better bag program.

What Consumers Do With Reusable Bags

  • 72% of US consumers describe themselves as reusable bag users.
  • 6.4 average number of NWPP bags used per 10 grocery trips.
  • 54% of US consumers acquired three or more bags in the last year.
  • 3.6 average purposes for bags, including grocery, all-purpose tote, lunch, storage, etc.
  • 74% of consumers have paid $2-$8 for a bag.

What Consumers Want in a Bag

  • 94% of consumers prefer bags with no logo or a small store logo.
  • 90% of consumers say bag strength is more important than looks.
  • 63% of consumers expect a reusable bag to last a year or more.
  • 96% of consumers are willing to pay $2 or more for a bag they like.
  • 74% of US consumers prefer polypropylene bags to any other.
Source: 1BAG survey 2-13-2015, http://www.slideshare.net/EdelmanBerland/reusable-bag-study-results

Four Tips for a Better Bag Program

  • 1. Be clear about your goals. Whether you’re giving them away or offering them for resale, you get more value when a customer uses your bag over time. Consider how long you want the bag to last and how important it is to meet consumer expectations.
  • 2. Buy the strongest bag you can. One bag failure can ruin a customer’s whole day. If your name is on a bag that fails, your customer is not likely to forget it. To serve your audience well, you need a good quality bag.
  • 3. Make your bag more appealing by using emotional text and images along with your logo. Every organization has images or ideas central to its appeal. Highlight emotional graphics and phrases that your customers love alongside your logo.
  • 4. Add variety to your bag program. It’s not hard to offer bags that are new and exciting. Vary the color, art, or material of your bag from order to order. Offer two or more bags so consumers can have an extra bag for items like ice cream or wine. Have fun with your bags!