NWPP: The Most Popular Bag Material

If you want a popular bag, choose NWPP, the most popular bag material. Learn what NWPP is and how to order the right kind for you.

What is NWPP?

NWPP stands for non-woven polypropylene. It’s a fabric made from plastic that feels like canvas. It’s an ideal bag material: clean, durable, affordable, machine washable, recyclable, and available in many colors.
To make NWPP, polypropylene beads are melted, spun, extruded, and pressed into rolls. The final rollers have a pattern to create the characteristic texture.

Your Material Is Your Bag

A penny or two invested in good fabric is a small price to pay for a good quality reusable bag that does the job right. Here is what to look for:

  • Purity: Good quality NWPP is made from pure 100% polypropylene. Whether it is woven or non-woven, good PP is strong, flexible, and non-toxic. Cheap fabrics can contain lead or toxins that compromise your bag. Ask your supplier for quality testing to ensure purity.
  • Weight: Fabric thickness is measured in Grams per Square Meter (GSM). The heavier the fabric, the more durable the bag. Our fabric is always 90 GSM. Many bag companies use 80 GSM or less. Check to be sure you’re getting the quality you and your customers want.
  • Stiffness: Good NWPP stands up for loading and unloading. A bag that flops takes longer to load, wasting time for you and your customer.

NWPP is the Number One Recommended Bag

Governments, scientists and consumer groups all recommend NWPP bags. Their very popularity makes the reusable grocery bags beneficial to the environment because people actually use them over and over. No bag does the planet good when it’s sitting in a closet. Here are a few links to people who recommend NWPP bags: