Environmentally Friendly Shopping Bags

Our goal is to offer the best quality bag for the lowest possible price. Our customers care about quality, ethics, and customer service. So do we.

Quality: The fabric for our bags is different, specially formulated for us. It needs to have just the right stiffness. We’re picky about the texture, strength, and color. Used daily, it will retain its shape and stand up longer than other bags. The ink we use is formulated to stay on better even after washing. The bottom stiffener inside is made from lead-free PE, so it’s non-toxic, longer lasting, and more flexible than the black ones that are standard in other bags.

Our bags are tested to last for 1500 lifts and drops with 22 pounds.  While most laws require bags to be usable just 125 times, we think a good bag should last up to two years.  Consumers do too.  Studies show that consumers value the strength of a bag over any other attribute.  Our high quality bags make your brand look good and gives you more exposure and staying power while helping the environment.

Ethics: Quality depends on people, which is why we value human resources all along our supply chain. From the beginning, 1 Bag at a Time has been committed to social and environmental responsibility. It’s not just about doing good, it’s good business. We monitor our factories using Verite, whose factory monitoring ensures that labor and safety laws are respected. Our bags are recyclable and designed to replace up to 1000 bags.

Customer Service: Our customers count on us to help with artwork, special printing services, and specialized delivery needs. At 1 Bag at a Time, it’s our policy to be knowledgeable and happy to help.

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