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Why Invest in High Quality Custom Bags

November 20, 2015 5:51 am

I mean, come on, it’s just a bag, right?

What happens when you don't buy high quality custom bagsTrue, it’s just a shopping bag, but when you order bags with your brand name on it, the bag becomes a symbol of your brand. It represents who you are. If you want your brand to be associated with quality, your bag should be the best it can be.

When a bag with your name on it breaks, it’s a bad customer experience. In a world where customers frequently share their thoughts about brands, that’s not something you want them blogging about or posting on Yelp.

Every company that can print on anything wants your bag order. But that doesn’t mean they know anything about making a great bag.

I’m a bag specialist. It’s all I do, and I care about the details, from sourcing the best fabric, to being picky about seams and printing, to making sure you get your order on time.

My dedication to quality is why 1 Bag at a Time has been the official Ace Hardware bag supplier for over 10 years.  Ace knows that our bags carry two gallons of paint out the door and home with the customer every time. Other bag makers just didn’t pass that test. We supply to True Value Hardware and Orchard Supply & Hardware, too. Brands who care that their products are built to last choose 1 Bag at a Time for their wholesale custom bag needs.

BusinessWeek has this advice for small business owners: “Protect your brand. It’s your most valuable asset.” The Economist estimates that the brand can account for up to 30% of a company’s value. If you want your brand to stand for quality, make sure you represent your business with high quality branded bags.

Whether you sell bags at checkout or are looking for a bag for promotions or trade shows, you should always use a bag from a company you trust to get you a bag that will last.

Request a Catalog and get started on an order of high quality custom bags for your business today!