Wholesale Shopping Bags

Get a great price, great service, and a great product.

When you’re in the market for a wholesale reusable bags, you need a great price, great service, and a great product. Compromise just doesn’t cut it.

1 Bag at a Time specializes in custom wholesale shopping bags. For over 10 years, 1BAG has been a leading supplier of wholesale grocery bags, hardware, retail and promotional uses.

Most competitors offer printing on one side only and compromise on fabric quality to get their price down to where mine is. But why compromise if you don’t have to? Quality doesn’t have to cost more.

I offer 1-color printing on TWO sides with my standard pricing. And I don’t charge set up fees. A free photo proof of your sample bag is part of standard protocol. Request a catalog and browse products to see how my prices compare.

Since 2005, “1 Bag at a Time” has stood for high quality, competitively priced wholesale bags, and that hasn’t changed. The 1BAG standard bag is still 90 GSM fabric, 12% more durable than the 80 GSM fabric used by most of my competitors. The handles are sewn all the way to the bottom for reliable lifting time after time. The bottom insert is clear and clean, made from PE for a longer lasting stabilizer in your bag.

I’m the official supplier of bags for Ace Hardware and True Value because they know my totes hold up to two gallons of paint, every time. My standard shopping tote holds up to hardware’s tough standards, and they will hold up for you too.

One tote failure can ruin a customer’s whole day. Customers have a choice and studies show, consumers want bags that will hold up to the demands of daily life, whether that is bringing home groceries or other retail goods, or toting extra items for work or play. As a wholesaler, you need to attract your customer’s attention, and only a great quality tote will do that.

Wholesale orders start at just 1000 bags. Try our bags today and see the 1BAG difference.

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