Our Informational Tag

Our informational tag educates, engages, and empowers your customers.  Like the back of a cereal box, the text on our tag helps consumers connect with your bags.

Our tag is a unique communication that deepens the relationship between your bags and your customers. At first glance, it reinforces the sense that they are making a difference.

our tag

Then on the back, we remind them:

Sustainability is a thousand small choices you make every day. Like reusing a bag.

Below that, we list the impacts of disposable bags so that consumers feel good about their choice.  Our informational tag helps consumers feel the power they have to make good decisions every day.

1. 14 plastic bags contain enough petroleum to drive a car a mile.

2. 380 billion plastic bags or wraps are thrown away in America each year.

3. Making a paper bag emits 50% more global warming gases than making a plastic bag.

4. Paper bags do not biodegrade in landfills due to a lack of oxygen.

5. Cities spend up to 17 cents per bag in disposal costs, wasting millions of tax dollars.

Our tag helps every consumer understand our product. It articulates the purpose, use, and benefits of our product clearly, and allows consumers to make an informed choice.

Our informational tag comes standard with every purchase. We can private label a tag for orders of 5000 or more.


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