Jute Bags

I looked all over the world for the most eco-friendly bag, and our jute bags are it! These eco-chic bags actually help reduce global warming, and create Zero Waste!

Jute absorbs more CO2 than trees, so these bags reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Most jute bags are lined with plastic, and must be thrown in landfill.  Feel inside of most jute bags, and you can actually see and feel the plastic lining.

Our jute bag is different.  It is naturally stiffened with pure vegetable starch.  So it holds its shape and is naturally strong, without adding any plastic at all.  It is 100% plant based.

Just plant it in your garden after long and useful service, and it will naturally biodegrade.


• Zero waste! It’s 100% organic and biodegradable!
• Soft cotton handles are easy on hands and slip over most shoulders.
• Light and strong–holds books and other heavy items easily.
• Natural color and styling are attractive and eco-chic.
• Our tag encourages consumers to plant it in their garden after long and useful service.
• Customize it with your design.

Please note that our minimum order for jute bags is 3000 bags and lead times can run 3 months or more.  Prices vary according to size and printing needs.


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