Insulated Reusable Bags

Insulated reusable bags offer versatility and value.

They stay hot or cold up to 2 hours. By replacing foam coolers, insulated grocery bags benefit the planet, stores, and consumers too!

Our insulated bags keep food hot or cold for up to two hours.  Bring home a rotisserie chicken for dinner, and it will stay hot on the drive home.  When used as a frozen food bag, ice cream, dairy products, and frozen foods arrive home nice and cold even during warm summer months.

Expanded foam such as Styrofoam has been targeted for bans in a number of localities.  The reasons are clear.  It breaks easily leaving behind tiny fragments on our streets, parks, and beaches.  These particles are washed down storm drains into the ocean where they can persist for hundreds of years, polluting our waters and presenting a toxic danger to sea life.

A well made insulated bag avoids all these problems and gives your customer much more versatility and use for about the same price.

The triple layer construction on our hot cold bag maintains temperature for up to 2 hours. The outside layer is NWPP for protection and strength. interior Foam insulation effectively maintains temperature. Aluminum lining inside is reflective and attractive.

Our new design combines the best features of all the insulated bags we have seen.  Pictured here, it zips fully closed on all three sides for maximum insulation.  When folded for display, the top and sides tuck in so your branding is fully visible.  If you are looking for the right bag to buy for frozen foods, this is it.

See how our bags stack up to foam coolers:


Feature Foam Coolers Insulated Bags
  Maintains temperature up to 3 hours
  Straps for easy handling
  Lasts up to 2 years
  Efficient storage and display


It’s big and sturdy, so it’s versatile for all kinds of uses. I use one for my collection of shopping bags, and another as an overnight duffel bag.  Take it to the beach, keep snacks fresh at a soccer game or sports tournament,or use it as a man-sized lunch bag.  There are so many ways to use this bag, many customers will want more than one.

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