Our Bags Help People, Too

Reusable bags help the environment, but our bags help people, too.  I care about everyone connected to my bags.

In every decision I make, I consider the impact on people as well as the environment.  I founded my company on triple bottom line principles, making ecological, social, and financial responsibility equally important in assessing success.

I care about my customers.   When you send us an email, I make sure someone replies. Sometimes I myself write back to ordinary customers who come to me with a question or concern.  I make sure I supply the best bags possible at the best possible price, and I work hard to develop new products to stay on the forefront of eco-friendly bags.

I also care about all the people who help me bring my bags to my customers.  From the people who make my bags to the people who transport them, everyone is treated with respect and given a living wage. We monitor our factories using Verite, whose work to ensure fair labor practices is award winning and recognized world-wide.  That means good green jobs for people both here and abroad. See our Corporate Responsibility Policy page for more.

In short, my company makes products that are good for the planet and all the people who live on it.