Corporate Responsibility Policy

We don’t believe in solving one problem only to create another problem elsewhere.  Our Corporate Responsibility Policy is designed to respect human rights everywhere, all along the supply chain. Otherwise, we just can’t sleep at night.

From the beginning, 1 Bag at a Time has made it a priority to ensure fairness and respect at all factories. Unlike other companies, we don’t shop around for the lowest price from factory to factory, order by order, a practice that often results in intentional or unintentional exploitation, and uneven quality as well.

We work only with specific factories that we monitor for labor rights fairness. In return, we get better workers who care about our product, and so our seams are straighter, and our quality is more consistent because the same skilled people make them, batch after batch.

1 Bag at a Time was founded as a triple bottom line company.  We measure success environmentally and socially as well as financially.  So we work hard every day to make sure our products are the most environmentally friendly products we can find, to make sure everyone along our supply chain is treated with respect, and to make sure we are giving our customers a great price for a great product.

In order to enforce  and monitor compliance of our Corporate Responsibility policy, we use factory monitoring by the non-profit organization Verite, whose work for labor fairness world wide is award winning.  Find out more at

If you support our efforts, please consider requesting a quote for bags of your own that reflect your social and environmental beliefs.