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Reusable Bags Help Consumers

Reusable bags help consumers clean up more than the planet—they can help you live a cleaner, happier life, too.

Did you know that clutter affects your sense of well-being? As soon as I started using reusable bags, I realized that I had less trash, less clutter—more room for me in my life. I was actually happier!

I never wanted to go back to a throw-away life where coming home meant bringing the clutter with me. Now I fill up my fridge without filling up my trash. It’s a great feeling to have less waste!

It started with groceries but soon my kids were taking lunches and projects to school in them. My husband started using them for extra paperwork or a change of clothes at the gym. Since then, I’ve found all kinds of uses for reusable bags. I wrap gifts in them, pack food in them for a friend who is sick, and I even use an insulated bag as an overnight duffel. And many stores reward me with a rebate every time I use them, so the bags actually pay for themselves!

Now my laundry room and the areas under my sink are cleaner and more sanitary. I have fewer insect infestations too, as bags can harbor insect eggs which hatch in the home.

All my friends tell me they feel good every time they used one too. I hope you do too! If you have a business or group like an office or school, consider an order of bags to help your friends de-clutter their lives.

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