Learn How to Comply with the California Bag Ban

It’s easier than you think to comply with the California Bag Ban.

California is first in the nation to implement a state-wide bag ban.  True to our California style, this legislation has quirks all its own.

This ban regulates the entire life cycle of reusable bags. It specifies who can manufacture reusable bags and how, as well as who must sell them and for how much. There are minimum standards for bag fees, material thickness, handles, tags and fine print. The law even requires stores to purchase some kinds of bags from certified compliant bag producers.

To comply with the CA Bag Ban, stores need to make sure they get every detail right.  As bag specialists, we here at 1 Bag at a Time have been involved in bag legislation for over 10 years.  With so many questions about what the ban means for retailers, we’ve created a whitepaper that breaks down the elements of Prop. 67 into five easy FAQs.

Download our whitepaper and in a few minutes, you’ll know everything you need to make sure your bags are retail ready and legal in California.