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The Most Environmentally Friendly Bag

What is the most environmentally friendly bag available?  Most people think about recycling to answer that question, but scientists look at the whole life cycle of a bag in order to get a fuller picture.

Scientists and governments have measured bag impacts taking into consideration materials, manufacturing, use, and disposal or recycling. When considering the whole life cycle, every study finds NWPP bags to be the number one recommended bag.

NWPP bags are most effective in reducing bag impacts on the environment because they combine three key advantages.

  1. Very low resource use

  2. Very low cost

  3. Very high reuse rates.

More people are more likely to buy and use an NWPP bag than any other kind of bag. Bags that people don’t buy and don’t reuse much simply won’t reduce bag impacts by much.

Don’t take our word for it.  Take a look at some of the studies and see for yourself.  Here are easy links to third party studies showing the scientific advantages of NWPP bags.

There are so many reusable bags to choose from, and all of them will reduce impacts on the planet just by reusing them.  Still, study after study done by independent organizations say that NWPP bags are the best choice for the planet. Learn more about Life Cycle Assessments here and find a LCA chart comparing bag facts here.