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We’re Certified Reusable Bag Makers!

March 31, 2017 7:56 pm

1 Bag at a Time is a Certified Reusable Bag Maker in California. That means we have passed the rigorous testing required and our bags meet all the standards to be legally sold as a reusable bag anywhere in the Golden state.

The state of CA requires stores to buy some bags from certified bag manufacturers.  Proposition 67, as the California Bag Ban is officially known, regulates every aspect of reusable bags.  From thickness and strength, to usage and tagging, to fees and materials, the state has standards for different kinds of bags.

Is your bag legal? Find out by downloading our Whitepaper on the California Bag Ban.  In five easy FAQs, we answer the questions you need to ask to know if your bag is legal.   And if you are outside California, be sure to check out our Guide to Ban Bans. Wherever you are, the terms are the same, so we help you know what to look for.

But if you want to comply the easy way, just buy from a certified bag manufacturer like 1 Bag at a Time.  The state has checked the details for you and has given us thumbs up. You can find us listed on the state regulatory site here.

Our 1BAG Standard Bag and all our other bags meet or exceed the standards of most bag bans and we’re happy to check the standards in your area to make sure our bags will comply with your local laws.  Contact us today for a quote.