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Bags Consumers Want

March 14, 2016 2:42 pm

We know how our customers use and feel about reusable bags, and our research reveals what kind of grocery bags consumers want. Here’s what we’ve found.

In their last ten trips to the market, consumers have brought their own grocery bags on average 6.4 times. When asked about what kind of bag they prefer to reuse, 74% prefer PP bags (either non-woven PP or laminated PP). Fifty-six percent of consumers acquired three or more bags last year, and most people use their bags for 2-3 other uses beyond grocery shopping.

In terms of what consumers want, they are overwhelmingly in favor of stronger bags and bags that have more than just a logo on them. Ninety percent of consumers say strength is the most important feature of a bag. Most consumers (63%) expect a bag they buy for $0.99 or more to last a full year or longer. When a bag fails and it has your name on it, it’s your brand they will associate that experience with.

When given a choice, 94% of shoppers prefer a custom bag that doesn’t have a logo or has a small logo. See our art tips for more ways to improve your bag art.

What does this mean when you are buying reusable bags wholesale? Here are a few tips:
1. Buy the strongest bag you can afford.
2. Use emotional images along with your logo for a more appealing bag.
3. Add variety to your bag program when possible and remember that one bag doesn’t fit everyone.