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We offer a wide range of wholesale reusable bags for grocery, retail, and promotional use.

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We’ve been supplying wholesale reusable bags across the US for over 10 years. So we know what it takes to get you a great bag. Order after order, use after use, our bags remain attractive, affordable, and strong enough to stand up to the demands of daily life.

Our bags are specially designed and tested to last up to two years and to replace up to 1000 disposable bags. A long lasting bag is not only better for the environment, it’s a better investment for your brand. Customers expect good design and good quality in a bag, as they do in every product they buy. A bag that meets consumer expectations will help you compete and
promote your brand at the same time.

We make bag buying easy. We have no set up fees. We offer one hour free art services on every order. Two sided printing is included for all orders. We’re happy to accomodate special requests. We help you become a smarter bag buyer with our Buyer’s Guide. Even if you have never ordered custom printed bags before, we make the order process easy.

No matter what kind of bags you need for your group or business, we can help. See the product pages for information on our most popular products, like full color laminated bags, recycled bags, insulated bags and more. We have a large range of wholesale bags in a variety of fabrics and sizes for every retail need

Just fill out our form and we’ll get back to you with a custom response and a catalog. We’ll work with you until your order is right and deliver exactly the bag you need.

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