Paper Bags

For a long time, paper bags were considered a more environmental alternative. However, consider their whole life cycle and you find a different story.

We often think of paper bags as a better alternative for the environment, and no doubt, there are some benefits.  They are biodegradable and don’t threaten marine animals if they end up in our oceans.

Still, overall, paper is as questionable as plastic when you look at the bigger picture.  Take a look at paper bag manufacturing, usage, and even disposal problems, and you will see why they are not a better choice.

Compared to plastic, making a paper bag:

  • emits 51% more global warming gasses
  • creates 50 times more water pollution
  • uses 4 times more raw materials
  • consumes 2 times more energy

Once used, paper bags are unlikely to be re-used. They tear easily and disintegrate when wet.

Although paper bags are biodegradable, about 80% percent of all paper bags end up in landfills. There, they do not biodegrade because of a lack of oxygen. Bag for bag, they cost more to landfill than plastic bags because they take up much more space by weight and volume.

Every government study has shown reusable bags to be by far the best choice for the environment.   Help keep our forests green and use reusable bags!  Request information about how easy you can get bags for your business, school or group today.

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