What Makes a Good Bag Good?

One bag failure can ruin a customer’s day. Before you put your name on a bag, make sure it’s a good one. Here’s a breakdown of what makes a good bag good.

A Good Bag Starts with Good Bag Material

Your fabric is your bag. PP material can be strong or weak, thick or thin, stiff or floppy. Skimp on your fabric and your bag will necessarily be weak. When you’re looking for good bag material, look for:

  • Heavyweight material. The higher the GSM (Grams per Square Meter), the more durable and long lasting the fabric will be. The 1BAG standard is 90 GSM material, heavier than most other brands.
  • Fabric stiff enough to stand up for loading and unloading. Even with fabric of the same weight, different makers can create a fabric stiffer or softer. Fabric that stands up saves time at check out for you and your customer.
  • Clean, clear bottom stiffener. Black bottom stiffeners can be made from a variety of different sources, so quality is inconsistent.  In general, they will tend get brittle and break sooner than the bag wears out, and may contain lead.

The Right Size for Your Target Audience

One size bag does not fit all. Different configurations can help you target your audience and give them a bag they can really use and love.

  • Grocery Bags should be taller than they are wide to appeal more to female consumers.
  • Hardware Bags should be wider than they are tall or boxy to appeal more to a male or female audience. Hardware customers expect strong bags like laminated bags.
  • Trade show and promotional bags should be larger to get more attention. Generate more excitement when you opt for 4 color printing.
  • Wine bags, insulated bags, and other specialty bags add variety and usefulness to your bag program.

A Good Bag Lasts a Year or More

There is no brand value in a bag that’s sitting in a closet or worse, tossed out. Whether your bag is for promotion or resale, your customer will judge your bag based mostly on strength. When they judge your bag, they judge your brand. Make sure your bag is strong enough to last a year or more. Your customers will thank you by using it again and again, giving your brand the value it deserves.