Become a Smarter Bag Buyer

Reusable bags have become essential for grocery, retail, promotion, and branding. It’s an ideal and affordable symbol letting consumers know you’re doing your part. Become a smarter bag buyer here. Just click below on any topic to see more posts.

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Sustainablity is a thousand choices you make every day. Like reusing a bag.

Learn how to make your choices count.

In our Environment section, you can find information on how different kinds of bags affect our world in different ways. Learn how paper, plastic, and reusable bags all leave their mark on our air, water, and land resources. Learn why better quality bags are better for the environment.

In our Buyer’s Guide, you will find what you need to get the most out of your bag investment. Bags are a considerable purchase for most small businesses. Leaning about bag construction and what consumers want in a bag will help you make smarter buying decisions. Your bag represents your brand. So it’s important to get a bag that represents the quality and reliability that you want your customers to remember.

See our Bag Ban Guide if your locality is implementing a bag ban. Many of these bans are technical in nature. Learn how to make sure your bags comply with our easy-to-read explanations of the details of bag standards.

So much of our world is touched by plastic bags, from our oceans, to our skies, from our cities and streets to our forests. Bags are even part of our economy, even though so-called “free” bags have made the economic impacts a hidden cost of our bag use.

It makes sense to know what you are buying, and why, before you decide on a reusable bag that is right for you.

We’re Certified Reusable Bag Makers! 1 Bag at a Time is a Certified Reusable Bag Maker in California. That means we have passed the rigorous testing required and our bags meet all the standards to be legally sold...