Planet Planet

Sustainability is a thousand small choices you make every day. Like reusing a bag.

Individual choice can be powerful. Whether you’re looking to become a better buyer of bags or a better consumer, you’ll find useful information here.

Buyer’s Guide to Reusable Bags

What makes a good bag good? If you’re putting your name on a bag, you want to be confident your bag is safe, legal and will make you look good. In this Illustrated guide to reusable bags, learn why good reusable bags are a good investment for your brand.

Bags and the Environment

Bags impact our world throughout their entire life cycle, from the moment they are manufactured to long after they are disposed of. Learn here about tthe impacts of different kinds of bags, and why better quality bags are better for the environment.

Bag Blog and News

Bags and plastic waste have become important as a personal choice and a political issue. Here you can learn about shopping bag issues including the latest findings, regulations and headlines.