Comply with the California Bag Ban in a few simple steps.

California Bear with Bag

In Five easy FAQ’s, we make the California Bag Ban easy.

  1. What stores are covered by the ban?
  2. What is a reusable bag as defined by California’s Prop. 67?
  3. What is the fee for bags under Prop. 67?
  4. Do California stores have to buy from certified bag manufacturers?
  5. When does the bag ban start and how will it be enforced?
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1 Bag at a Time has been a leading supplier of reusable bags in California since 2005.  As bag specialists, we have been involved in local bag ordinances promoting reusable bags for over 10 years.

We are a Certified Compliant Reusable Bag Producer as verified by CalRecycles, the CA Dept of Resource Recycling.  We’re happy to answer any questions we can to help you get in compliance.  Contact us today or call us at 888-478-3886.